"We weren't the first. We had to keep trying."
— Wayne (Traveler 5008)[src]

Wayne, played by guest star Andrew Dunbar, was a skydiver. He was host to two separate Travelers whose mission was to prevent Grant MacLaren and his team from being ambushed while retrieving the Fraser meteor.

Averted death

Wayne was not initially a candidate. However, his sister Carrie was overwritten seven times during a skydiving jump, resulting in the creation of many alternate timelines. Wayne's fate differs greatly between these:

  • If Traveler 5001 never arrived in the 21st, Wayne would have completed his skydiving jump successfully.
  • During the timeline where Traveler 5001 arrives in the past, Wayne sees his sister Carrie go into convulsions while screaming in agony - common reactions to being overwritten. She stops before he has time to react. He successfully lands, concerned but unharmed.
  • During the timeline created by Traveler 5002, Carrie's convulsions go on for twice as long due to the two concurrent overwrites. Wayne tries to help Carrie but the two collide in midair, knocking him unconscious and unable to pull his own parachute. He falls to his death.
  • Traveler 5003 creates a timeline in which Wayne's parachute is opened. However, an unconscious person is unlikely to land safely, so his death is probable in this timeline and those created by Travelers 5004-5007.



Little is known about Wayne's life prior to being overwritten. He was going skydiving with Carrie and their friend Lars (who was watching from the ground). The three stopped at a rural gas station on the way to the remote area and briefly encountered the core Traveler team.

Traveler 5008

After seven consecutive attempts to save the team using Carrie as a host, the Director elected to use Wayne, who was subsequently overwritten mid-skydive by a Traveler whose number is never specified. Wayne demanded Lar's car keys while Lars wept over Carrie's dead body. He drove to the location of a nearby pickup truck, where he elected to take neither vehicle further and instead stole a dirt bike in the pickup's bed. He circumvented the route taken by Travelers 5001 and 5003 to avoid being tailed by an unnamed guard working for Vincent Ingram. The guard noticed him nonetheless and gave chase, ultimately shooting Wayne before he could rescue the team.

However, in the case Ingram's guard killed an unnammed logger which caused a new T.E.L.L. to be activated which meant that 5008 survived as a result of the unnamed logger killing the guard. The seven Travelers engaged in a firefight with their ambushers and prevailed, although Wayne was shot in the arm in the process.

Wayne and Traveler 5009 informed the team of the multiple rescue attempts, then debriefed them on their next mission.

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