Special Agent Wakefield is a federal agent who serves as Grant MacLaren's immediate superior in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was host to two separate Travelers, neither of whose numbers were ever specified onscreen.



Prior to being overwritten Wakefield was on the verge of discovering the Traveler program. He brought the matter to the attention of his own immediate superior, Deputy Oslin, who remained skeptical but reluctantly told Wakefield that he could continue to investigate. This occurred the day before Wakefield was overwritten. (Ilsa)

The next day, Wakefield lead the task force that raided Ellis' farm and captured Grace Day and the core Traveler team; they also confiscated the quantum frame. Wakefield seemed determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, even questioning Grant MacLaren personally. MacLaren urged Wakefield to destroy the device, but Wakefield refused.

Later that night, Wakefield received a text message telling him to come to the room where the quantum frame was stored. He found himself in the same space as twenty-four other agents, including Walt Forbes - all of whom had received a text message seemingly from Wakefield himself. Suddenly, the quantum frame activated, and everyone present was overwritten. (Ave Machina)

Unnamed Traveler

Wakefield was now under the control of a Traveler loyal to the Faction. He was overwritten once more when the Director was brought back online. (U235)

Second Unnamed Traveler

Wakefield received a phone call from Carrie (then under the control of Traveler 5001) one morning informing him that Protocol Alpha was in effect. Carrie asked him if he could get anyone to the coordinates 49.3506 N by 122.8599 W within seventeen minutes. Wakefield informed Carrie that he had a helicopter full of non-Traveler federal agents 25 minutes away, but could not get anyone to the site faster. Carrie hung up on him. Wakefield brought another agent Traveler into the room, and the two speculated on what the call could mean. (17 Minutes)

Later, Wakefield told MacLaren that the intelligence agencies of the United States were on the verge of discovering the existence of Travelers - in part because MacLaren had used NSA resources when searching for his kidnapped team in Room 101. Wakefield was furious at MacLaren's apparent negligence, apparently not realizing that his own host had done far more damage. Wakefield has not reappeared since, apart from a brief flashback.

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