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Officer Boyd: "I'm the medic."
Grant MacLaren: "And team leader?"
Officer Boyd: "Yeah. We lost ours along the way. Someone had to step up."
— MacLaren tries to get Boyd to operate on Marcy[src]

Victoria Boyd (Traveler 3185), played by Kristine Cofsky, is a Police officer and traveler from a different team than the show's main team. She is both the medic and team leader, as her group "lost [their leader] along the way and someone had to step up".

Averted Death

Nothing about the death averted is known by the end of the series.



The host had been in the police force prior to her historical death

Traveler 3185

She's first seen at the beginning of Protocol 6 where her police force is back up for Special Agent Grant MacLaren. She passes him the antimatter container which her team had made.

Later, Grant comes to speak to her, breaking protocol 6, about their problem with the team that they're supposed to meet. She says that he shouldn't be talking to her and that she doesn't know where he should go from there. (Protocol 6)

Boyd gets very sick during the 'flu' outbreak. She loses one of her team members in the process. (Jenny)