The Director[src]

Version Two is the second iteration of the Traveler program, which the Director ordered after the failure of the first. It began in the past shortly after the September 11th attacks. The new timeline has multiple differences from the first:

  • Grant MacLaren (the host) died by overwrite in August 2001 rather than 2016. Furthermore, he never entered into a relationship with Kathryn, his wife in Version One.
  • The Helios disaster may have been predicted as early as 2001 rather than 2016. MacLaren attempted to ensure this by delivering a message to Dr. Samantha Burns, a physicist.
  • Traveler 001 was never sent into the body of Vincent Ingram, or to the past at all. The future could have changed in innumerable ways from this alteration alone. As one direct result, Marcy Warton was never forced to participate in any of Ingram's experiments and therefore was never mentally disabled.

No further information about the particulars of Version Two is known.

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