Grant MacLaren: "See, Jo? There's still hope."
Joanne Yates: "Hope? Mac, you did this. You people didn't stop the collapse of civilization. If anything, you sped it up."
Grant MacLaren: "Where are you going?"
Joanne Yates: "To look at the sky."
— MacLaren and Yates, moments before the end[src]

Version One was the iteration of the Traveler program depicted in seasons one, two, and three. It lasted seventeen years, beginning on September 11th, 2001, and ending in 2018 (at or following August 18th).

The attempted ultimately failed when the actions of Traveler 001 and the Faction caused Russia and China to launch ballistic missiles at the United States. The core Traveler team used a consciousness transfer device to send Grant MacLaren back to August 2001, where he informed the Director via email that the Grand Plan would eventually fail.

After designating Version One a failure, The Director put Version Two of the Traveler program into motion.

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