Traveler ID Host Role Status Team
001 Vincent Ingram
Dr. Perrow
Jeff Conniker
N/A Alive N/A
004 Simon Programmer? Overwritten by 5069 N/A
009 Pike "The Speaker" Programmer Alive Unknown
0014 Ellis Programmer Deceased N/A
0017 Foster Programmer Alive Unknown
0027 Grace Day Programmer Alive N/A
0029 Jones Programmer Overwritten by ? Faction
0092 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
0115 Trevor Holden Engineer Alive MacLaren's Team
0117 Bloom Engineer Deceased N/A
0625 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
0745 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
0958 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
1515 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
1898 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
1956 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
2103 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
2144 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
2150 Architect** Tactician Deceased Unknown
2192 Jacob Ward Unknown Deceased Jacob's team
2212 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
2365 Michelle Unknown Deceased Unknown
2587 Luca Shun Unknown Deceased Hall's Team
2632 Graphic Designer** Historian Alive Unknown
2956 Novelist** Medic Alive Unknown
3112 Hayes Unknown Alive N/A
3117 Charlotte & Jackson's Father Unknown Deceased (Misfire) Traveler Family
3185 Victoria Boyd Team Leader & Medic Alive Boyd's Team
3224 Unknown Unknown Deceased Unknown
3224 (imitator) Trucker** Unknown Alive Faction
3277 EMT** Medic Deceased N/A
3326 Philip Pearson Historian Alive MacLaren's Team
3465 Carly Shannon Tactician Alive MacLaren's Team
3468 Grant MacLaren Team Leader Alive MacLaren's Team
3569 Marcy Warton Medic Deceased (Self-Inflicted gunshot) MacLaren's Team
3890 Charlotte & Jackson's Mother Unknown Deceased (Misfire) Traveler Family
3892 Jackson Unknown Alive Traveler Family
4019 Candy Unknown Deceased Donner's Team
4022 Aaron Donner Unknown Overwritten by 4024 Donner's Team
4024 Aaron Donner Unknown in jail N/A
4112 Walt Forbes Unknown Overwritten by 4991 Faction
4514 Jenny Unknown Overwritten by ? Faction
4991 Walt Forbes Unknown Alive Unknown
5001 Carrie (skydiver) N/A Overwritten by 5002 N/A
5002 Carrie (skydiver) N/A Overwritten by 5003 N/A
5003 Carrie (skydiver) N/A Overwritten by 5004 N/A
5004 Carrie (skydiver) N/A Overwritten by 5005 N/A
5005 Carrie (skydiver) N/A Overwritten by 5006 N/A
5006 Carrie (skydiver) N/A Overwritten by 5007 N/A
5007 Carrie (skydiver) N/A Deceased N/A
5008 Wayne (skydiver) N/A Alive N/A
5009 Trucker** N/A Alive N/A
5069 Simon Programmer Alive
5332 (Naomi's Mom)
5401 Unknown Unknown Alive Unknown
5416 Jeff Conniker Unknown Overwritten by 001 Solo
5532 Kyle Historian Deceased Hall's Team
5692 Vincent Ingram Unknown Alive (Jailed) Unknown
6117 Unknown Tactician Alive Archive Support
7189 Andrew Mathias Graham Specialist Alive (Jailed) N/A
A18 Unknown Archivist Deceased N/A
A26 Unknown Archivist Alive N/A
D13 Derek Doctor Alive Derek's Team
Unknown Becky Unknown Deceased Pastor's Team
Unknown Callahan Unknown Alive Faction
Unknown Carter Unknown Deceased Hall's Team
Unknown Charlotte Assassin Deceased N/A
Unknown Dale Miller Unknown Alive Faction
Unknown Earl Unknown Deceased Pastor's Team
Unknown Foster Unknown Overwritten by 0017 Faction
Unknown Gleason Unknown Deceased N/A
Unknown Graham Unknown Deceased N/A
Unknown Graham's partner Unknown Deceased N/A
Unknown Heath Unknown Deceased Boyd's Team
Unknown Hickman Unknown Unknown N/A
Unknown Jasper Unknown Deceased Faction
Unknown Jenny Unknown Alive Unknown
Unknown Jones Unknown Overwritten by 0029 Faction
Unknown Jones Unknown Alive Unknown
Unknown Meredith Gilroy Unknown Alive Faction
Unknown Pastor** Unknown Deceased Pastor's Team
Unknown Peckham Unknown Alive N/A
Unknown Rick Hall Team Leader Deceased Hall's Team
Unknown Soldier Unknown Overwritten by 5401 Faction
Unknown Soldier Unknown Overwritten by ? Faction
Unknown Soldier Unknown Alive Unknown
Unknown Stacey Collins Unknown Alive Faction
Unknown Ted Bishop Unknown Deceased N/A
Unknown Pike Unknown Overwritten by 0009 Faction
Unknown Refiner #1** Unknown Deceased Uranium Team
Unknown Refiner #2** Unknown Deceased Uranium Team
Unknown Wakefield Unknown Overwritten by ? Faction
Unknown Wakefield Unknown Alive Unknown


* Presumed based on facts provided in Helios-685

** Host 'names' provided are based the host's job.

Overwritten is what happens when a Traveler's consciousness takes over a host body. The result is the death of the consciousness being overwritten.

If during transit there is a misfire, the incoming Traveler consciousness is killed.

Traveler teams are typically made up of five people, an Engineer, Historian, Tactician, Medic and the Team Leader.

They are led by The Director, a highly advanced quantum A.I. program.

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