Temporal Aphasia is the name given to the extremely rare condition which is experienced by individuals who have undergone multiple consciousness transfers.

There have only been two cases of temporal aphasia: Trevor Holden and his unnamed wife.


Temporal Aphasia is cause by a single continuousness being transferred into multiple host bodies. Hence, the only two people to have suffered from the condition are Trevor Holden and his unnamed wife who were early test subjects in the consciousness transfer program and lived multiple lives in different hosts.


Trevor Holden (Traveler 0115) experiences an early-onset of the condition during the events of Season Three, describing it as a dissonance in his perception of time, where what seems like a passing second to him could actually be several minutes or longer in actuality. To bystanders the afflicted appear to freeze, like a computer.

The symptoms seem to progress similarly to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease) in that one sees an increasing deterioration of their cognitive effectiveness, eventually leading to death. It was due to this apparent doom that Traveler 0115 negotiated with The Director to be overwritten, so as not to waste a valuable host body in Trevor Holden. However, his team was unwilling to allow 0115 to die, so they worked tirelessly to devise a solution.

Treatment and Outcomes

Trevor has been the only person to be treated for this condition. Grace gathered data on Trevor's episodes and with help of Ilsa, the super computer, was able to create an implant which prevented Trevor from black outs caused by the Temporal Aphasia.

The treatment was relatively successful, though Trevor still suffered from the occasional black out.

Trevor's wife didn't receive treatment for the condition, being the first to suffer from it and even making the Director unsure of what to do. She eventually had an episode which she didn't come back from and ultimately died from.

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