Stalwort Securities was a proprietary trading firm located in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Anthony Corrigan worked there as a stockbroker, and two men named Vincent and Greg worked there as technical support. The office appears to have at least two dozen other employees. Stalwort's offices were destroyed in the September 11th attacks at 8:46am, killing Corrigan and almost everyone else present but sparing Greg, who was out sick.

Anthony Corrigan's office was the physical arrival point of the first Traveler in Version One of the Traveler program: Traveler 001 took over Vincent's body at 8:40am (although his intended host was Corrigan himself). In Version Two, Grant MacLaren visited Stalwort to email the Director. The fate of Stalwort's employees during this new timeline remains unresolved by the conclusion of the series.

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