"Twenty years from now, a highly-advanced alternative energy source causes an unforeseen gamma ray burst that kills 1.4 billion people within hours. Imagine most of Europe being wiped out in an afternoon. Any survivors of the initial burst eventually die off when the ozone layer is stripped away. There is no coming back from it."
Philip Pearson[src]

The singularity engine is an energy source invented by scientists Samantha Burns and Amanda Myers. It provides power by utilizing the rotational movement of a gravitational singularity, which is 29 percent efficient - orders of magnitude greater than a nuclear reactor, and more than four times as efficient as the Sun.

The existence of the machine differs between timelines. Had the Director never interfered, Doctors Burns and Myers would have perished in the impact of Helios-685 before publishing their research. After the Travelers prevented this impact Burns and Myers survived to publish their research in 2018. The device was first patented eleven months later. Burns and Myers would earn billions of dollars and a Nobel Prize award for their achievement. However, in the year 2038, a singularity engine was the cause of a civilization-ending event with a death toll in the billions - dozens of times more deadly than even Helios.

Very few people at any point in time fully understood the mathematics behind the deadly gamma ray burst. Andrew Graham, one of these few individuals, was sent to the 21st century to explain the problems with the singularity engine to its creators. Thus in the final timeline of Version One, the singularity engine was never invented. Whether or not the singularity engine will be invented in Version Two is unknown.

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