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Marcy: "Simon was one of the first Travelers. 004."
Trevor: "His mission was to set up our communication infrastructure."
Grant: "So what happened?"
Marcy: "Schizophrenia manifests itself later in life. He was sent into a compromised host."
The Team discussing Simon

Simon (Traveler 004 and Traveler 5069), played by guest star Chad Krowchuk, was one of the first travelers. He was responsible for setting up the traveler communication infrastructure. His host body manifested Schizophrenia, leading to him being sent to physiatrics hospitals and eventually the streets.

He assisted Vincent Ingram, traveler 001, in building a consciousness transfer machine in the 21st century under the promise that he would be placed in a host which wasn't compromised.

Averted Death

By the end of the second season, nothing is known about the adverted death of Traveler 004.

For Traveler 5069, his adverted death was classed as attempted suicide from being run over by a train. In reality, it was Traveler 001 who put him on the train tracks, tricking him into believing that it was the machine where his consciousness would be transferred until it was too late and he was run over by a train.



Almost nothing is known about the host. Only that they must have been on the brink of death and that their body was susceptible to Schizophrenia, which manifested itself under traveler 004.

Traveler 004

As one of the earliest travelers, his mission was to set up communication infrastructure for other travelers who were to come. However, at some point his body manifested schizophrenia which meant that he lived the rest of his life in mental institutions, hospitals, or on the streets.

He became a resident in a hospital ward some time before the charity auction and dinner, in 2012. While there, he revealed to those who were working for him that he's not in his own body and that he was sent from the future, although they just assumed that he was crazy due to the schizophrenia. He was on some medications and did art therapy, mainly drawing what is assumed to be various structures from the future. Many of his images were sold at the charity auction and dinner, which is where Vincent found out about him and later came to meet him in the hospital.

When Vincent visited him, Simon recognised immediately who it was and told him he was supposed to be dead and that they'd been searching for Vincent for years. However, Vincent convinced Simon to help him build a machine to transfer consciousness between bodies under the false pretence that the machine was supposed to cure Simon and that it was his new mission from the Director. Simon agreed and began to build it. An early test of the machine lead to Marcy becoming mentally disabled. Although unknown how many others used it, Simon did mention that it “hurt so many people.”

Some time after this, he was kicked out of the hospital, due to its closure as a result of a lack of funding after Vincent removed fundings, and ended up living on the streets where he met David who helped to look after him. The Director was unable to help Simon as no records of the institution made it past the 21st century, as Trevor mentioned, meaning that the Director didn't know about his schizophrenia as Vincent had destroyed the records.

While out with David, Marcy stumbled upon one of his pictures which was drawn on the ground. They then went to meet Simon who remembered Marcy from the hospital. They brought him back to the base to meet the team, which is when they found out that he was an early traveler. Eventually, he wanted to go home, back to the streets, so they gave him some money and returned him. He was then taken away by two men. (Simon)

After having created the machine, which works, for Traveler 001/Vincent, Simon lays in the machine and is told to keep his eyes closed as a 'test from the Director'. He follows the instructions, with 001's men laying him down on a train track where he would've died. As he was classed as a John Doe on the historical records, and hence no record of his schizophrenia, the Director replaced him with Traveler 5069. (Ilsa)

Traveler 5069

After jumping out of the way of the train, traveler 5069 removes the communicator, which was put inside Simon so that 004 could communicate with 001, which burns him. He turns up at the core team's base, annoyed that he's recognised by Philip as he was supposed to be a random John Doe but realised that he'd overwritten another traveler.

Philip then tells him, after he passive-aggressively attacks Philip for recording the confession tapes and praises the work of the Director, that he'd been placed in a body which suffered from extreme paranoid schizophrenia which was untreatable by Marcy and would likely suffer from an attack soon. (Ilsa)

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