"Ran the plates on the car that left the scene. It belongs to a Sergeant Rick Hall. Served in Iraq, lives in Portland."

Richard "Rick" Hall (Traveler Number Unknown), played by Louis Ferreira, is the team leader of another Traveler team. He was first introduced in the fourth episode of season one titled Hall, where he butted heads with Grant MacLaren when the core Traveler team was tasked with assisting Hall's team.

Averted Death

Nothing about the averted death of Rick is known by the end of the second season.

Season Three

Hall was discovered by MacLaren's team unconscious and with multiple gunshot wounds to his abdomen. Marcy utilized nanites to keep him alive provisionally, long enough for the team to find out what happened and where a group of abducted Traveler historians may have been taken, including Philip. They were able to communicate with him in his subconscious, by way of the nanites, and discovered that the historians had been abducted by Faction members. They also discovered that members of Hall's team, Luca and Kyle, had defected to the Faction after losing faith in The Director's Grand Plan.

Communicating with Hall via his subconscious, Grant and his team were able to deduce where the hostages were being held. They struck the site, resulting in the deaths of several Faction members, and released the imprisoned Travelers.

After the operation was completed, Grant called Victoria Boyd, who had been left to care for Hall while the team was away. When she relayed the message that the operation was successful to a still-unconscious Hall, he passed away peacefully.