"Ran the plates on the car that left the scene. It belongs to a Sergeant Rick Hall. Served in Iraq, lives in Portland."

Sergeant Rick Hall (Traveler Number Unknown), played by Louis Ferreira, is the team leader of another Traveler team. He was first introduced in the fourth episode of season one titled Hall, where he butted heads with Grant MacLaren when the core Traveler team was tasked with assisting Hall's team.

Averted Death

Nothing about the averted death of Rick is known.


Richard Hall

There is minimal known about the host. He holds the title of Sergent in the US Army. and he served time in Iraq.

Traveler (Number Unknown)

Hall was introduced in a shoot out where he was supposed to be helping a different Russian traveler team who ended up betraying him. In the shoot out, two of his team members were killed and another later succumbed to their injuries. He argued with Grant MacLaren about merging their teams together where he would be the new leader, having been in the 21st century for a number of years previously, but is arrested at the end of the episode alongside his one remaining team member, Luca. (Hall)

Hall and Luca are released early from prison and turn up outside Trevor's school. His first mission out of prison is to induce a miscarriage in Kathryn MacLaren to prevent both her and her baby from dying in childbirth. (Update)

Hall was discovered by MacLaren's team unconscious and with multiple gunshot wounds to his abdomen. Marcy use nanites in order to keep him alive as long as possible, but stated that these were draining from his system from blood loss and he'd already gone beyond the point of what nanites were capable of repairing. Marcy and Boyd then performed surgery in order to help keep him alive for as long as possible while they keep his brain active in order to figure out what happened to him and the kidnapped historians.

Communicating with Hall via his subconscious, they find out that the person who shot Hall was his teammate and historian, Kyle, who was actually a Faction member while Luca had turned Faction as well. Hall showed them where he believed that the Faction might be holding the historian: an abandoned building which he used to hide out with Luca in. They struck the site, resulting in the deaths of several Faction members, and released the imprisoned Travelers.

After the operation was completed, Grant called Victoria Boyd to tell her that all the historians had been saved and were okay. When she relayed the message that the operation was successful a still-alive Hall who, in his head, lays down in a beautiful field and dies peacefully. (Philip)


  • Hall likes to keep to the protocols and is highly dedicated to the Director and the mission. He gets annoyed at the core traveler team for being more worried about their hosts' personal lives than the mission they're currently one.
  • Hall's team appears to have abandoned their hosts' personal lives in order to be full-time travelers.
  • All five of his team made it to the 21st century, which he says is 'rarer than you think'. Three of his team member die from a shooting incident and his last remaining original team member, Luca, turns to the Faction.
  • According to his FBI profile which can be briefly seen on Grant MacLaren's screen in Update, Hall is 48 years old, his birthday is 4th January 1969, he has a tattoo on his left bicep, and he served in the US Army in Iraq. He has a known residence in Austin, Texas.


"Don't think the future doesn't get its hands dirty."
— Hall[src]
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