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Rene Bellamy, played by guest star Alyssa Lynch, is Trevor's girlfriend.


Rene and Trevor had been dating for some time prior to the fight which would've killed the host Trevor. They met at the high school which they both attend. (Travelers)

Rene is made out to be a bully at her school. On one of Traveler 0115's (Trevor's) first days at high school, she pushes a girl off a bench because she wanted to sit with Trevor. When talking to the school councillor, Grace Day, she denies pushing her. She gets annoyed at Trevor who said that she wasn't a nice person and later ditches her for a mission. (Aleksander)

She helped Trevor, the host, and Nick steal clothing from shops. She said that she did this mainly because it turned Trevor on. (Protocol 5)

After some time apart where Rene had been away, she messages Trevor to meet and saying that it's an emergency. She says that things have changed and that she doesn't know what she wants right now. Trevor tells her that she's growing and that she'll make the right decision with enough time. She's not seen on screen or spoken about again. (Simon)