"I know all about addiction, trust me. Mine's just legal."
— Ray[src]

Ray Green, played by guest star Ian Tracey, is a public defender who serves as Philip Pearson's lawyer. He first appeared in the first episode of the first season, Travelers. Ray is a procurer of sorts, getting Philip what he needs and making a little side cash from Philip’s ability to help him with prescient gambling advice.


Ray appears as Philip's lawyer in the pilot episode. He is made out to be an over-worked lawyer with an addiction to gambling, though he originally says that it's cigarettes. Ray listens to what Philip has to say about the horse race betting and decides to go with it, betting the money and then taking part for himself. The following day, he continues trying to get information out of Philip but gets nothing. (Travelers)

Ray was kidnapped by Traveler 001, then occupying the body of Vincent Ingram, sometime in 2017. Ray mistakenly believed he had been kidnapped by Vargese, a loan shark to whom Ray owed a great deal of money. Following his interview with Dr. Perrow, Ray discovered the truth about the Traveler program and Philip's real identity. When he was released Ray seemed angry and hurt that Philip had been sarcastically telling him the truth from the start. (001)

After Ray's memory was erased by the core team, he was led to believe he had blacked out after a night of celebratory drinking with Philip. (Ilsa)

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