Marcy Warton: "He's addicted to heroin."
Grant MacLaren: "He's what?"
Marcy Warton: "He inherited it from his host."
Grant MacLaren: "Why would the Director put you in the body of a heroin addict?"
Philip Pearson: "The historical record said that he died after the first time that he used."
Trever Holden: "His parents were probably in denial."
The team discussing Philip Pearson's recklessness.[src]

Philip Pearson, played by starring cast member Reilly Dolman, is the historian of the show's core Traveler team. His host body is a heroin addict, though The Director and those in the future were unaware of this due to his parents statement that he had died after his first use, most likely because they were in denial.

Averted Death

Philip was to have died from a heroin overdose from a bad batch. The consciousness transfer occurred before he injected himself and he stopped the injection. He failed to help his host's friend who had shot up just before the transfer and died of an overdose, which Philip was arrested for.

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