"Historically, a man named Oliver Norton became a tech millionaire on his own, and all I did was insert myself into the process as invisibly as possible and take my fair share."
Vincent Ingram[src]

Oliver Norton was a millionaire businessman who partnered with Vincent Ingram. Norton served as the rogue Traveler's "front man" for a proprietary trading firm. He was killed when the Director used him as a messenger.


At some point after September 11, 2001, Oliver Norton met Vincent Ingram - in reality Traveler 0001, who had abandoned his mission. Ingram convinced Norton that he had created a software that predicts large market trends. He claimed to have severe phobias and social anxiety, and he implored Norton to help him with this aspect of the business. The two started a firm in Norton's name to trade financial instruments according to the supposed software predictions, which were actually Ingram's own memories of recorded history.

After some time, Norton hired Ingram an assistant, Irene, without Ingram's knowledge. Norton likely did so because he believed Ingram needed human contact, as Ingram would later relate to his therapist.

The company became very successful over the years, so much so that the government became suspicious. The Federal Communications Commission opened an investigation into the firm which involved placed a wire tap on Norton's phone. Shortly afterwards, Norton fielded an offer to sell the company for $87 million, which he was eager to do but would not without his partner's consent. Ingram steadfastly refused and Norton became increasingly distressed. Finally Ingram relented and confessed that the software did not exist, that he was simply "remembering." Norton reached for his phone, now believing Ingram to be insane.

Unfortunately for him, the wire tap meant that Ingram and Norton's conversation entered the historical record. Having found Ingram for only the second time in years, the Director immediately used Norton as a messenger and ordered Ingram to self-terminate.

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