Mr. Giant is an unnamed henchman who abducted and interrogated the core traveler team. Carly Shannon kills him by severing his radial artery with her teeth. He is played by Andre Tricoteux (credited as captor).


Mr. Giant is a tall, muscular, clean-shaven Caucasian man in his late forties who wears a black suit and dress shirt with no tie. He has thin brown hair with a widow's peak and is partially bald on top. His eyes are brown and olive-shaped and he has a large, hooked nose and tight lips. He displays good posture and an almost totally expressionless face, likely indicating that he is well-trained.


Trevor Holden refers to Mr. Giant as a deaf-mute because he never speaks or responds to any questions asked of him. Indeed, throughout the entire three-day interrogation Mr. Giant displays complete stoicism and unresponsiveness. He carries out the task assigned to him with absolute precision. Only when Carly bites him does Mr. Giant show any emotion at all. He screams in pain as the blood spurts out of him and tries to defend himself by flailing at her through the cage.

Additional mercenaries of Vincent Ingram, who ordered the abduction and many others, wear the same clothes and display the same mannerisms - including apparent muteness. In 17 Minutes, Traveler 5003 encountered a henchman and tried to communicate with him using American Sign Language.


The Abduction

In Room 101, his only appearance in the series, Mr. Giant begins the abduction process by hitting the core team's car with a rented semi, totaling the vehicle and incapacitating them. Carly, Trevor, Marcy, and Philip are taken hostage and trapped in cages next to each other, hooked up to IV drips and catheters. He appears after the entire team has awakened and takes Carly to an interrogation room.


Mr. Giant waits quietly as Carly Shannon is asked a series of questions. At the end the television displays a doctored video of Mr. Giant holding her infant son. Nonetheless, she tells him nothing of value.

Marcy is interrogated next but does not break either. Mr. Giant gives Philip a very large dosage of heroin, setting back his rehabilitation and triggering his memories of the future. Philip mentions a few things about the future but ultimately does not divulge the information Ingram was looking for. Trevor is interrogated last but never 'breaks character' during the questioning. Mr. Giant simply stands in place without responding to anything the travelers say or do the entire time.


Mr. Giant dies after three days of interrogations when Carly bites his wrist, severing his radial artery and causing him to bleed out on the concrete floor. Grant MacLaren and Officer Boyd later find his corpse in a puddle of blood. Further details about Mr. Giant remain unknown.

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