"We came here with a team of five, just like you. You know, we all made it, which is rarer than you think, believe it or not."
Rick Hall[src]

A misfire occurs when a consciousness transfer from the future is not successfully completed. Consciousness transfer requires a precise time, elevation, latitude, and longitude to overwrite a host, and all of these calculations rely on a historical record that may prove inaccurate. When the incoming Traveler consciousness does not arrive at its intended host body it is "killed," by definition.

Misfires were frequent in the early days of the Traveler program, reaching 30% during the first wave of arrivals. They have become less common since, likely due to advances in GPS technology providing more accurate T.E.L.L.s. Prior to the year 2001, GPS technology was not sufficiently advanced to provide reliable data to the Director. No Travelers were sent to before this time because misfire rates would have been too high.

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