Plot - based on Showcase recap - a work in progress

Except for Marcy, who has an ongoing serious medical issues that as she informed David could result in her life ending. Thus, this episode is dedicated to helping Marcy survive another day and it’s much trickier than anyone could have imagined. She assumed that her fate was doomed but that’s not quite accurate. There’s one solution....and it’s very complicated to say the least.

But, before we reveal what it is, let’s talk about the dating euphoria at the top of the episode with Marcy and David canoodling in bed like blissful newlyweds. He’s watching her sleep and she’s loving that he’s watching her sleep. When they begin to smooch a whole lot their makeout session is interrupted when Marcy gets a fierce nosebleed that rapidly progresses into a dangerous seizure which lands her in the hospital against her will. Someone else being held against their will is Grace Day, Trevor’s teacher who was apparently on Philip’s list of soon to be dead hosts. And the person holding her against her will is her rebellious, traveler student Trevor who she is shocked to see in the backseat of her car. She was moments from her demise, so in order to protect her Trevor renders her unconscious using one of those high-tech doohickies.

Then he ties her up and relocates her to the middle of the forest where no one can hear them chatting for miles. He cares for Ms. Day and doesn’t want to attend her funeral OR find out that her consciousness has been replaced by another as ordered by the Director. He explains all of this to her and more when she wakes up and demands to know why she is being held hostage in the wilderness. Trevor goes into serious detail about the traveler organization and their missions and how the whole time travel thing works. Then of course he has to remove the last few hours from her mind as they did with MacLaren’s wife Kathryn so she won’t be running around spreading science fiction gossip or accusing him of kidnapping her. But, that is easier said than done. Grace is smarter than Trevor thinks and she preys on his surgical wound which he keeps touching in agony.

She knows that the forgetful serum would knock her out and he’d have to carry her to the other end of the forest which might be impossible with his throbbing injury. She suggests that they walk to the car and then once they arrive he can give her a dose of amnesia. He agrees and unties her legs so she can stroll for a bit, but it backfires as soon as she fake falls, grabs a rock, smashes his noggin’ and makes a run for it. She manages to get to her automobile, start the engine and call her old pal 911. But that’s when the Director steps in and takes control of her brain. After Trevor hears her scream he knows that something is up. A disgruntled traveler in Grace’s body steps out of the car and reprimands the teen for attempting to change history.

Trevor is confused as to how the Director located him and Grace because they were off the grid and the upset traveler informs him that his former teacher made a phone call. Then by using the tricks of GPS and voice recognition they were able to zero in and correct Trevor’s mistake. Now traveler Grace is ready to complete her mission which involves fixing Marcy’s broken brain. And in order to do so she needs to meet up with one of her colleagues who goes by the name of Traveler 0014. Unfortunately though 0014 isn’t the most available guy because he is also off the grid in a farmhouse. He prevented his host body from dying by way of a tractor crushing him and didn’t seem to know how to contact the outside world, so he just dilly dallied around his greenery.

When MacLaren is visiting Marcy in the hospital, and promising to think of a solution to her medical problems, he bumps into a child in the hallway who delivers a message from the Director. MacLaren has been given the same task as Grace and that task is to find Traveler 0014. This is one important dude! Everyone is on the lookout for him. MacLaren also breaks protocol and reaches out to officer Boyd to ask for assistance with the Marcy in hospital situation. Boyd happens to be her team’s medic as well as team leader and although at first she is hesitant she agrees to do what she can to help Marcy. Now the only problem is getting Marcy out of the hospital. It’s unlikely that she’ll be released after a doctor tells her that her MRI scan was not great and they’ll have to do another one to be sure. So, MacLaren puts David to work.

David takes Marcy’s place as patient attached to a ton of wires and Marcy slips out of the hospital without being detected, until of course an employee of the hospital arrives to find a smiling David all hooked up. At the hideout, Boyd does what she can to keep Marcy going for a day or two but that’s the limit of her abilities. Hopefully this Traveler 0014 and Grace can perform a miracle and keep Marcy living and breathing in the 21st. Meanwhile, Carly is dealing with her own rather serious issue. After she left her baby in the hands of her abusive ex Jeff to perform a mission, Jeff informed child services of this who, although they were on Carly’s side, are now recommending that her ex get custody of their kid. Carly is in a rage when she receives this phone call and her rage is directed at Jeff who is claiming that she “abandoned” their son.

She heads to the police station to confront him and he leads her around to corner to have an intense talk which involves him hitting a wall when she yells the truth in his face. Carly is attempting to rile him up so he does something violent and she gets it on the security cameras nearby but Jeff is onto her and won’t take the bait. Carly isn’t having very many wins but Grace and Trevor aren’t doing too badly. They succeed in locating Traveler 0014, with a little help from MacLaren and Philip and the important dude who almost died by tractor, joyfully welcomes them both into his quaint farmhouse. He says a familiar hello to traveler Grace who he knows from back in the future. Apparently, Traveler 0014 is a genius programmer/hacker and Grace needs his code to help Marcy. Also, someone evil in the future is trying to get the code as well to fulfill their own evil goals so Traveler 0014 is keeping it safe in the past where the evil can’t grab it.

Grace takes a seat at Traveler 0014’s computer and immediately gets down to work. She types away on the keyboard as the highly confusing, seemingly unreadable numbers flash across the screen. She knows what those numbers mean and needs to be left alone to type. She suggests that Trevor go prepare food for her and Traveler 0014 (and MacLaren and his team who are on their way to the country). Trevor turns on the stove and cooks up a feast as MacLaren and Carly stroll through the front door. Grace barely says hello before aggressively asking where Marcy is. She is apparently not known for her people skills or her patience skills or her… being nice skills.

A handful of minutes later Marcy and Phillip arrive, just in time for dinner. But, before she can eat, Grace wants to have a private conversation with Marcy. The other travelers leave the room and the two gab in front of the computer. Grace asks Marcy if she knows what Quantum Entanglement is and then launches into explaining how it is connected to Marcy’s cure. See, Grace plans to use Traveler 0014’s code to do some transferring of consciousness of sorts. Grace then makes Marcy look at the numbers on the screen for a bit because this solution can’t be successful unless Marcy is “locked in”. After a few seconds, they retire to the dining room.

Over delicious fresh grub that Trevor masterfully whipped up, Grace expands on this solution to the whole group. When she speaks of transferring consciousness, she’s not going to transfer Marcy’s consciousness into another host body. She’s going to transfer it back into Marcy’s body and her adjusted consciousness will not be using the damaged parts of her brain. It will avoid those areas thus saving Marcy’s life kinda forever. Sounds great, right? But... what’s the catch? This is too good to be true. Indeed it is. The hook is that Grace only had access to Marcy’s consciousness pre-her getting to the 21st. So, she will still 100% be Marcy but she will not be the current Marcy sitting in front of the computer. She will be the Marcy who beat up those guys in that parking lot in episode 1. She won’t have any recent memories of her recent existence.

And that includes memories of David and more specifically memories of her falling in love with David and even more specifically memories of her canoodling with David in bed earlier. Marcy says that she needs some time to think about this before she decides to go forward and MacLaren allows her to do so. Grace is not thrilled by this development and neither is Carly who can’t believe that the FBI agent isn’t putting the mission first and forcing Marcy to go forward with the procedure. Carly criticizes his leadership in a speech where she is clearly projecting her own problems onto this situation. She speaks of how they have all had to make sacrifices and Marcy shouldn’t be given the option to follow her emotions instead of the Director’s orders.

The travelers escort Marcy back to her apartment so that she can rest and think and speak to David who has been trying to contact her ever since she disappeared from the hospital. She texts him to say that she’s on her way home and he replies that he will be there so very soon. Unfortunately though, Grace doesn’t wait for Marcy to make the decision on her own about the procedure and she puts it into action without the traveler’s consent. Out of nowhere Marcy grabs her skull, falls to the ground and shrieks out in pain. Her colleagues know what’s up and they are not happy. Neither is David. Upon returning to the apartment, he meets the new/old Marcy who has no recollection of her former affection for him. She greets him with “You must be David. I hear we are close”. Marcy did have to make a sacrifice after all. She had to sacrifice true love. Now the question is, how meaningful can a healthy life be without your soulmate by your side?

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