Luca Shun (Traveler 2587) is one of the members of Hall's team. He was shot when his team was helping a Russian traveler group and was saved by Marcy. However, he and Hall were betrayed by Grant MacLaren and the rest of his team which led to both of them being imprisoned.

Averted Death

Nothing about the averted death of Luca is known by the end of the series.


2587 Future History

Traveler 2587 suffered from night terrors when they were a child. He also had a sister who he was separated from when they were young. Marcy believes that she could be his sister since she had a brother who suffered from night terrors.


Prior to being overwritten by a traveler, Luca was a sous chef in Portland for fifteen years. Marcy asks him about if he has a wife or children, but he doesn't answer.

Traveler 2587

Luca has been part of Hall's team for some time before the core team turned up. His team role is unknown, but he's not the medic or leader since it was stated that the medic died and Hall is the leader. Luca was shot in the abdomen during what was supposed to be an exchange with a different traveler team. He was taken back to their base of operations where Marcy helped to treat him by using the blood of his other team member, Carter, who was dying due to internal bleeding as a result of the meeting with the other traveler team. After being transfered to the core team's base of operation, Luca goes with Hall to drop off with another team. However, as soon as they arrive, they are surrounded by FBI as Grant betrayed them. Both of them are sent to prison. (Hall)

During his stay in prison, he becomes bunkmates with Aaron Donner. Donner tells him to not break protocol 2 and that he trusts the Grand Plan but Luca tells him to give him some time. (Donner)

Luca and Hall are released early from prison and turn up to Trevor's school. Luca goes and speaks to Marcy, who doesn't remember him, because he believes they're still family. They talk for a while before Marcy has to check on Kathryn and he later messages her that they can talk at any time. (Update)

Hall's team is assigned to protect Anna Hamilton, the future 53rd president of the United States, from the Faction. He's concerned that Marcy isn't present for the mission due to a minor medically procedure. (21C)

Luca is revealed to have turned to the Faction. He leaves his team leader, Hall, to die after being shot by Kyle. He helped to hold the historian hostage and was about to kill Philip, who was attempting to run away, before being shot and killed by Carly. (Philip)


  • According to his FBI profile which can be briefly seen on Grant MacLaren's screen in the episode Update, Luca is 39 years old and his birthday is 14th December 1977. He also experienced night terrors while in prison.
  • Luca is either a tactician or an engineer since Hall is the team leader, Kyle is the historian, and Hall mentions that their medic was shot dead in the field.
  • Unlike other traveler teams, Hall and his team have separated themselves from their hosts' lives in order to become full time travelers.
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