Kathryn "Kat" MacLaren is FBI Agent Grant MacLaren's wife. They have been married for approximately nine years prior to Grant being overwritten by a traveler. She is one of only a few reccuring characters who never become a traveler.


She first appeared making Grant MacLaren some coffee the morning after he was overwritten by Traveler 3468. She notices something is off about him after he calls her by her full name, which he hadn't done since their first date, and doesn't like his coffee since it has cows milk within it. (Protocol 6) She believes that Grant is cheating on her as he lied to a friend about taking her to an appointment, is spending an increasing amount of time at 'work', and they haven't had sex in over a month. When she approaches him on the topic, they then have sex and Kathryn texts her mom that he's definitely cheating. (Protocol 5) Her insecurities eventually build up after Jeff Conniker tells her that Grant was sleeping with 'his wife' (Carly Shannon) and Grant later phones to say that work has asked him to do some security detail so he was going to be away that night. Out of paranoia, she buys a ticket for the same plane which Grant was on specifically to save Bishop but also saves her since she was, historically, never supposed to be on the plane. (Bishop )

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