"Then who corrupted the Director in the first place? The most powerful A.I.in history, orders of magnitude more powerful than the human brain? Who would have that capability?"
— Jones[src]

Jones (once Traveler 0029), played by guest actor Vincent Gale, was a member of the Army. He was overwritten by a Traveler loyal to the Faction. After being captured by the core Traveler team, he was overwritten once more by a programmer who presided over the trial of Grace Day. The newest Traveler, 0029, was revealed also to be a Faction turncoat. He was caught and overwritten a third time after kidnapping Marcy Warton.



Little is known about the original Jones. He was a member of the United States Armed Forces, which lead to him being chosen as a host by the Faction. Jones' name is never specified in dialogue, but his nametag is visible when he is overwritten for the second time.

First unnamed Traveler


At an unspecified point in time, Jones was overwritten by a Faction member whose consciousness had been stored in the quantum frame. The Traveler, whose number is never revealed, survived the purge of Faction Travelers in U235, when the Director was restored to power. He was nonetheless captured by the core Traveler team, along with two newly overwritten Travelers. Jones was taken to a church for what he believe to be his trial. Instead, after his restraints were removed, he was overwritten immediately.

Traveler 0029

Along with Pike and Foster (Travelers 009 and 0017 respectively), Jones was sent back in time under orders from the Director. His mission - along with the other two, all of whom were programmers - was to try Grace (0027) for conspiracy against the Director and interference with the Grand Plan. Jones questioned Grace about her decision to use Ellis's backdoor code to "repackage" Marcy's consciousness. Later, he asked Grace if she knew who could have corrupted the Director, hoping she would admit her guilt.

Unbeknownst to Grace and the other Travelers in attendance, Jones himself had corrupted the Director prior to the reboot. He had betrayed the Director and joined the Faction, and he intended to use Grace as a scapegoat. He reached a unanimous guilty verdict with the other programmers and Grace was escorted out of the room to be sentenced by the Director personally.

However, Grace's trial was revealed to be a sham. The Director knew one of its programmers was responsible for its temporary corruption, so it sent all three of the back in time under the pretext of trying Grace in order to ascertain their guilt. Jones gave himself away when he kidnapped Marcy and took her to the quantum frame. He intended to mine her brain for Ellis's backdoor code, which he would use to gain control of the Director.

When Jones and Marcy arrived at the location of the frame, Jones's entire team had been murdered. The machine itself had been raided for parts by an unspecified party (likely Vincent Ingram, who was building a consciousness transfer machine at the time). Panicked, Jones aimed a gun at Marcy. Marcy, having figured out Jones's plan, knew he wouldn't shoot her. Jones pleaded with Marcy, insisting "the future is at stake." He was then surrounded and outgunned by arriving Travelers.

Second unnamed Traveler

Jones was overwritten a third and final time by a Traveler whose number was not specified. This Traveler was greeted by Grant MacLaren and subsequently ordered to destroy the quantum frame once and for all.

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