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Jenny (Traveler 4514 and ????), played by guest star Stephanie Bennett, is initially a faction member who used Philip Pearson to create a deadly virus to wipe out most of the earth's population as part of the faction's plan to save the future. She is later overwritten by a friendly traveler.

Adverted Death

Nothing about her adverted death is known. However, she is a member of the Faction and likely didn't have an adverted death,


Traveler 4514 Future History

Traveler 4514 was a member of the faction who came to the 21st century when the faction was able to take control of the Director.


Little about the host is known other than that she has a younger sister.

Traveler 4514

Traveler 4514 met Philip in his support group for drug addicts. She approached Philip after the meeting and stated that she was assigned to help him, giving him some eye drops which were invented in the future to help heroin addicts. (Protocol 4)

She and Philip get close and she convinces him to get a little wild, saying that there'll likely be no punishment from the Director. She edited a presentation by a right winged man, showing photos of him half naked and in leather (BDSM). He later kills his family and then himself which she says is better than him continuing to spread a hateful message which ends up killing hundreds of people.

Her sister serves as a messenger and makes Philip memorise a sequence which was believed to be a treatment for the up and coming flu epidemic. As a result, it's manufactured and spread among traveler teams only to end up being a deadly virus.

She got sick herself from the deadly virus and then attempted to kill herself by drug overdose. When Philip recovers her and Marcy helps to save her, she reveals that everything is going to plan -just the plan of the Faction, not the Director. The Director was only capable of sending messages but not consciousness transfer. (Jenny)

She later confesses that she attempted suicide because she didn't want the virus to run it's course as it was designed to keep people alive as long as possible in order to spread more easily and make people believe that it's not as bad as people make it out to be. (U235)

Traveler (Number Unknown)

Although not seen on screen, Philip mentions that the CDC now has the cure for the virus and has set up centres around the world for people to receive treatment. The new traveler is one of the people who are organising these centres after having been treated by Marcy. (U235)