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Jeff Conniker, played by J. Alex Brinson, is the estranged father of Carly Shannon's baby, Jeffery Conniker Jr. He is an alcoholic who would often come home drunk and was abusive towards Carly. He also seems to stalk her while he's supposed to be on patrol.


Jeff Conniker

He had been in a relationship with Carly sometime before the show started and they had a child, Jeffery, together. It's unclear if they lived together prior to Carly being overwritten by a traveler.

He was seen in the first episode. He'd come home after going out drinking. He gets angry at Carly because he thinks she's talking to him like he's an idiot and punches her, making her fall to the floor. He would have continued to beat her to death if Traveler 3465's consciousness hadn't have been overwritten. It's unknown what historically happened to him after he beat his girlfriend to death though Carly says later that Jeffery Jr would've been raised by a deadbeat father. Carly, now Traveler 3465, then asks him to leave which he does.

When he returns in the morning, Carly, now a traveler, tells him that she refuses to make up and that time spent with his son will now be one arranged hour per day and he needs to financially support them. (Travelers)

Jeff stalks Carly while he's supposed to be out on patrol and then confronts her on the street while she's out, pushing her to get back together with him and making it out like he only drank 'a little too much' on the one occasion -an obvious lie. He also tracks down Marcy, pressuring her to report an assault against her and threating her by revealing that he knows that she's staying with David, her social worker. He has other suspicions that things something is going on.

When Marcy doesn't report the assault, Jeff sends in a report to David's boss, detailing the supposed romantic relationship between him and Marcy. He sues Carly for custody of their child. (Donner)

Jeff shows up at the FBI office where Grant MacLaren works and tells him to back away from Carly because he doesn't want anyone in his way as he tries to put his family back together. Grant tells him that he's only spoken to him on official business and that he knows he's abused her, but Jeff goes and speaks to Kathryn about Grant anyway sleeping with 'his wife'. (Bishop)

Jeff files a police report against Carly for assaulting a police officer in order to make it impossible for her to get a job in order to pressure her to get back together as she'll likely lose the custody case. (Bishop)

Following their baby being taken away from them by child services, Jeff and Carly decide to move back in together and go to counselling for show in order to win custody back. Jeff also decides to give up alcohol, but then drinks to celebrate getting his child back. (Jacob)

He later drinks when he goes out with his friends from work because he says it would've been disrespectful not to. He pushes Carly to sleep with him, saying that he owes her for his good behaviour. When she rejects him, Jeff attempts to rape her but Carly ends up beating him up and, without intervention from Philip, would've killed him. (Simon)

Following this, Jeff uses his bruises in order to gain primary custody of Jeffery Jr. However, he still has his drinking problem and is caught driving under the influence at twice the safe level. Jeffery ends up back in the care of Washington Family services and Jeff is suspended. (Yates)

Traveler 5416

Traveler 5416 took over Jeff's body when Traveler 3465 forced a T.E.L.L. in which both 3465 and Jeff would have ended up shooting each other if Jeff had not been overwritten as per 3326's other timeline vision.

Traveler 5416 worked undercover in The Faction to rescue the Archivist A18 as The Director was blind to her whereabouts due to the Faction hiding their location from the Director in order to not be overwritten or killed by messenger.

After helping A18 to the archive he is captured by 001 and questioned about Traveler 3569.

Traveler 001

For Traveler 001's future history and history in other hosts see Vincent Ingram and Dr. Perrow.

During the time Traveler 5416 was captured he was overwritten by Traveler 001 before the team was able recused him. He made it appear like Traveler 5461 had been captured by Traveler 001 and was locked away, waiting to die. Grant and Carly found him and saved his life. (David)

When he'd recovered, he tracked down Marcy and went to talk to her. After explaining what happened to his wife (Irene Ingram), Marcy figured something was wrong and tried to defend herself but lost. She was taken to Ilsa because she still contained a backdoor code to the Director to shut it down but killed herself before Traveler 001 was able to use it. Instead, he transferred his consciousness into the internet to wait for the future to arrive in order to eventually take over the Director. (Protocol Omega)


  • Jeff appears to spend a lot of his time finding out information about and stalking the core traveler team, abusing his position as a cop to do so.
  • He does everything in his power to make sure that things go this way, even if this includes abusing his power as an officer. Examples include searching for Grant MacLaren's address in police data bases to talk to MacLaren's wife; filing a report against Carly so she can't get a job and making it more likely to lose the custody battle to pressure her into getting back together; and using his time at work to stalk the core team and their associates.
  • Traveler 3465 (Carly) once told him how Jeff would've killed her host the night she was supposed to die and Jeff said it was ridiculous because he'd never do that.