"I'd spent the latter half of my life before this one being eaten away by a disease that doesn't exist yet. I never imagined the possibility of family. A loving wife. A child."
Vincent Ingram[src]

Irene Ingram was Vincent Ingram's assistant and later wife. She was killed when she was used as the first adult messenger, which the Director didn't know for certain would kill an adult.


Irene was hired by Oliver Norton because he believed Vincent needed companionship. She was fully informed of Vincent's alleged phobias before beginning the job. Irene was sympathetic, having mild enochlophobia (fear of crowds) herself. Although Vincent did not initially want an assistant, Irene kept the job and grew close to him personally.

Vincent and Irene later married and had a son, Taylor. Irene was initially afraid to tell her partner about the baby, believing he would be angry and feel trapped. Unbeknownst to her, Vincent was actually Traveler 0001, who came from a future where "life was so precious and new life so rare," so he welcomed the child.

Irene met her untimely death when she took a picture of Vincent and Taylor sleeping together and sent it to a friend. This caused Vincent to reenter the historical record, allowing the Director to find him for the first time in years. Irene is subsequently used as a messenger and so her death was ruled a brain aneurysm.

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