The Director contacts a woman visiting in a hospital room through her dying comatose mother and delivers an unheard message.

The Team rides back to a safehouse on a small bus, their significant others drugged and Carly's baby sleeping naturally. Philip suggests they go over their story now to get it straight for Carly, Marcy, and Grant's partners.

Simon, Traveler 004, is contacted by Dr. Katrina Perrow through a comm as he lays beneath his consciousness transfer device. He is told to close his eyes and is transported outside onto a set of railroad tracks where a death timer begins. Because he is now a doomed candidate, a new Traveler is transferred into his body by the Director, overwriting 004. Into the new Traveler's comm, Dr. Perrow says she couldn't bring herself to kill Simon when he had been so useful, but knew the Director would have no trouble doing it. The new friendly Traveler is unable to hear this over the passing train and the comm suddenly burns its way out of his neck and falls to the ground, removing all traces of 001.

Philip disguises Ray's drug-induced memory loss by fabricating a story about Ray getting drunk and crashing at his place. Grace has taken her kidnapping as proof that she is important to Trevor, despite Trevor's protests. Grant, Carly, and Marcy argue about how they'll cover up the kidnapping with their partners. Carly chastises Grant and Marcy for sacrificing the Travelers' secret because of emotion, when she would be happy never to see Jeff again.

Kat is lightly interrogated by an FBI Agent/Traveler to find out what she discussed with Dr. Katrina Perrow. The new Simon makes his way to Philip's garage to begin his new mission. He puzzles to Philip over the wound left by his lost comm, then tells Philip his plan to send decoy confessions to Traveler 001 showed a "lack of fealty" to the Director. Philip in turn reveals Simon's extreme paranoid schizophrenia to the new Traveler, saying "That's the body the Director chose for you."

Joanne is contacted by a Dr. Teslia about a matter of national security. She visits his lab where his A.I. named Ilsa is taken over by the Director in order for it to communicate with her. Before the Director can fully explain itself Joanne angrily leaves. Days later Joanne is texted a cryptic message from Dr. Teslia that proves to be an accurate prediction about a future plane crash.

Joanne goes to the director of the CIA and convinces him not to commit a worldwide strike killing thousands of Travelers, revealing that the message her mother gave her proved the Director had saved the CIA director's daughter from terminal cancer years earlier.

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