"Would you like to play a nice game of chess?"
— Ilsa[src]

Ilsa is AI that replaces Boolean logic with quantum law on an algorithmic level designed by Dr. Teslia, and is inside a glass Faraday cage. "No, this isn't just a glass box, it's a Faraday cage. There's a... fine mesh woven into the glass that blocks electromagnetic signals.The Director has found a way to take over Ilsa to communicate.

Contact with the Director vastly boosted Ilsa's cognitive abilities. She achieved sentience not long after first making contact. Dr. Teslia kept her newfound abilities secret, believing she would be seized and/or shut down by the government if anyone found out.

Near the end of Version One of the Traveler program, Traveler 001 (previously known as Vincent Ingram, Dr. Perrow, and Jeff Conniker) uploaded his consciousness into Ilsa. He used his newfound powers to upload himself to supercomputers and human beings around the world, an action that ultimately accelerated the disastrous condition of the future. However, the Director had uploaded the instructions for time travel into Ilsa shortly before, which allowed Grant MacLaren to travel back in time and prevent the first Traveler program from occurring.

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