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Grace Day (Traveler 0027), played by Jennifer Spence, is the guidance counselor at Trevor Holden's high school who later has her consciousness overwritten to become Traveler 0027, one of the programmers who assisted in creating The Director. She was first seen as Grace Day (the guidance counselor) in episode three, Aleksander, and later first seen as Traveler 0027 in episode 11, Marcy.

Averted Death

Historical records show that Grace was to have died as a result of a traffic accident at 11:27 am while on her way to her dentist appointment. This was however not the case as Trevor had learned of this T.E.L.L. from Philip Pearson and attempted to save her from the consciousness transfer by sedating Grace before she could be on her way.

Trevor took her to the forest and waited until the time of her historical death passed while telling her of him being a Traveler before considering letting her leave. Grace managed to convince Trevor to allow her to walk out of the forest without getting sedated once more and used this opportunity to flee. While in her car she dialed the 911 emergency number, but was overwritten by Traveler 0027 as the Director tracked her through the call she placed.


Grace Day

Grace is introduced as a guidance counsellor in Aleksander where she lectures Trevor and his girlfriend, Rene, on bullying following an indecent at school. (Aleksander)

Traveller 0027 Future History

Traveler 0027 is a very highly ranked programmer who works directly with the Director as well as being one of the programmers who designed and built the Director. She knows its capabilites and limitations and what type of path it is trying to go down, as well as also Knowing the capabilities and limits of time travel and the Traveler program. She is shown to be very fond of the Director, telling it that it knew what she'd sacrificed by coming to the 21st century.

She specifically chose Grace Day as her host which brought the traveler program to a stop for four hours in the 21st century as a result of Trevor hiding her so that her T.E.L.L. would pass and she wouldn't be used as a host. This meant that missions were cancelled as a result. She also came to the 21st century without the express permission of the Director. (Traveler 0027)

Traveler 0027

At the arrival in the host body, 0027 makes a remark about her host already being ‘damaged’ as soon as she arrived. Her and Trevor then drive the car to meet Ellis (0014). As they arrive at the house, Ellis is originally sceptical, until Grace makes a crude remark about ”writing shitty code in a leaky dome”, which prompts Ellis to let her in, saying he’d “recognise that tone from any century”. (Marcy)

She created an edited version of Marcy's consciousness in order to avoid her brain damage and allow her to survive. Marcy is sceptical about it and asks for some time, however she historically died that night which created a T.E.L.L. and her edited consciousness was transferred without her permission. It was later revealed that this was done with specific coding which reset the Director and ended up editing out some of her empathy, as well other other unspecified things, which is why she didn't quite feel whole. (Marcy) (Grace) (Traveler 0027)

During the Faction-created epidemic, she explains that in order to restart the director and fix the plague, they need to supply and hide a source of fuel, which will change the timeline so that just after the faction power down the director, it can repower itself. Only for a short time, 3 seconds, but being a supercomputer, she knew the Director was able to overwrite some of the faction members, create the formula for the cure and send it onto the deep web to the core team. (U235)

Grace goes on trial for treason against the Director and the Grand Plan. She continuously interrupts the trial and speaks over Grant, Trevor, Marcy, and Jones (who's questioning the witnesses) despite being repeatedly told not to. She was found guilty, even though it wasn't a real trial, as the Director wanted to see if any of the programers had been turned into Faction. (Traveler 0027)

Dr Teslia calls up Grace in the middle of the night after some software is being downloaded onto Ilsa which cannot be stopped. Grace tells him that she cannot to anything to stop it, but she believes that she knows what coding is being programmed into Ilsa. Dr Teslia is shot dead seconds later while Grace is held hostage by the Faction/Traveler 001's goons.

She tells Traveler 001 about Ellis’ backdoor code which is in Marcy, and how it could override the Director, hoping that the director will fix the situation caused by her confession. Traveler 001 isn't able to obtain the code due to Marcy's suicide. Later in the episode, after Philip’s remark that they may have what they need to fix the situation, she tells the team that from the time of the Director, it can only go to the most recent traveller, but from the present, the ripples in space time are weak enough to let you go back about 20 years. She realises that the Director predicted the events of Protocol Omega, and hence sent the program for consciousness transfer into the past into Ilsa, to allow Maclaren to go back in time to wher his host first met his wife and therefore be able to prevent the arrival of 001. (Protocol Omega)


  • Grace Day is a stark contrast to Traveler 0027. Traveler 0027 is a blunt and rude person while Grace Day was a polite, patient, and kind person. Traveler 0027 doesn't try to hide this in order to become Grace Day and meet protocol 5, likely as a result of limited training due to the short notice on which she came to the 21st century.
  • When the Director took out the messenger virus from Trevor, he gave Trevor a message to pass on to Grace. The message was a hug.