"The world is a better place without Edwin Calloway."

Dr. Edwin Calloway was a racist motivational speaker. He committed suicide after murdering his family following the leak of a personal secret.


Calloway is a self-proclaimed white nationalist. In his lectures he rails against immigration, believing the process is detrimental to white America. He plays on common racist fears, asking how his audience felt about immigrants "taking [their] jobs or dating [their] daughters." Philip and Jenny repeatedly describe him as bigoted and racist.


Calloway's secret is revealed

In Protocol 4Philip Pearson and Jenny attended one of Calloway's lectures. The event took place in an auditorium and was attended entirely by white people. It was part of the "Helmer lecture series," as evidenced by the introductory slide of the presentation. Philip expressed displeasure upon realizing where Jenny had brought him. However, Calloway's presentation had been sabotaged. The second slide was in fact a picture of Calloway's orgasm face. In a panic, Calloway switched slides again, only to find that the third slide depicted depicted him with two women and one man in a BSDM setting. 


Calloway's followers supposedly "turned on him" after the incident. Not long afterwards, Calloway killed his wife and young son before shooting himself. An unspecified news website called the event "one of the most heinous crimes to take place in the Pacific Northwest this year." Jenny expressed no remorse upon hearing this news, speculating that Calloway would have indirectly killed more people by inspiring hate had he been allowed to live.

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