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Charlotte, played by guest star Yasmeene Ball, was a teenager who was the intended host of an unnamed Traveler historian. She was later used as the host for an unnamed assassin Traveler working for the Faction.

Averted Death

Charlotte's father was going to drive the family car to the top of an eight-story parking deck and then drive over the edge, killing the four of them. The erratic driving and varying elevation meant her T.E.L.L. was difficult to calculate, which likely lead to the misfire.



Moments before the historical crash, Charlotte's father, mother, and brother Jackson were overwritten by Travelers 3117, 3890, and 3892 respectively. The core Traveler team was present to greet them. Charlotte was in shock and did not understand what was happening. Carly Shannon realized that a misfire had occurred; the Traveler consciousness intended to inhabit Charlotte did not successfully arrive in the past. Grant MacLaren talked with Charlotte and explained that he needed to question her family about what had just happened. Charlotte rode with MacLaren to her maternal grandmother's house, ten kilometers from the historical crash site.

Unnamed Traveler

Weeks after her recorded time of death, Charlotte had reunited with her family and seemed to be living a normal life again. Suddenly she was overwritten while sleeping. When her mother overheard her screaming, she went into Charlotte's room to comfort her host's daughter. Charlotte lured the Traveler in and then stabbed her in the head with a pencil, killing her. Her father also overheard the noise and asked if everything was alright. Charlotte replied: "No, you should come in." It can be assumed that she also killed her brother Jackson too.

Charlotte later appeared in Grace Day's office under the guise of needing signatures on a field trip form. She then revealed that she had killed her parents and attacked Grace. Charlotte easily subdued the untrained Grace before Trevor Holden arrived. He bested Charlotte in a fight, who screamed that she was on a mission and then fled the scene.

Charlotte later appeared outside a babysitter's house, where Jeff Conniker were dropping off Jeffrey, as Carly watched from her car. Carly noticed her approaching and the two fought. Before Charlotte could fire a killing shot, Jeff shot and killed her from a distance. Carly abruptly drove off, leaving Charlotte's corpse laying in the street.

It is later revealed that Charlotte did in fact, also kill her brother. The police had ample evidence of her killing her entire family, which prevented Jeff from being prosecuted for her shooting.