Carrie (Traveler 5001-5007), played by guest star Melissa Roxburgh, was a skydiver. She was host to multiple travelers whose mission was to prevent Grant MacLaren and his team from being ambushed while retrieving the Fraser meteor.

Carrie is the only known person to have served as a host to more than three Travelers. Similarly, Melissa Roxburgh is the only actor on the series to have portrayed more than three characters, with a total of seven depicted onscreen.

Averted death

Carrie's fated death is never shown on screen. Since it's likely as a result of a skydiving accident but she obviously wasn't knocked unconscious and didn't have a problem with her parachute, the most likely explanation is that she waited to long to open her parachute which caused a fatal landing.



Carrie was going skydiving with her brother Wayne and her friend Lars (who was not skydiving himself, but watching from the ground). She briefly met MacLaren at a gas station.

Traveler 5001

Immediately after arriving in the 21st, Carrie tried to contact MacLaren and his team, none of whom answered their phones. Afterwards she called FBI Director Wakefield, another Traveler, informing him that Protocol Alpha was in effect and all Travelers must act to protect the Director. She asked if him could get backup to the core team's location within seventeen minutes, the time at which all of them were fated to die. Wakefield was unable to do so.

Carrie realized she had to complete the mission herself. She stole Lars' car and began driving to the location of the meteor impact. Carrie wore a video camera to provide the Director with more data. She was stopped - and subsequently shot - by the bald asian-looking and sign-language proficient henchman working for Vincent Ingram. Badly injured, she nonetheless made it to the team's location, but too late to prevent them from being slaughtered.

Traveler 5002

With its very existence in danger, the Director sent another Traveler into Carrie's mind the instant after 5001's arrival. The stress of two concurrent consciousness transfers caused Carrie to have a seizure, where she collided with Wayne and knocked him unconscious - preventing him from opening his parachute. Upon landing, Carrie realized that Lars removed the keys from his car. Remembering the video footage recorded by the previous iteration of herself, she ran for an unoccupied pickup truck down the road. A dog jumped out of the truck and attacked Carrie, presumably either killing her or slowing her down enough to fail the mission.

Traveler 5003

After arrival, Carrie opened the now-unconscious Wayne's parachute, preventing him from dying. She stole Lars' sandwich and used it to distract the dog in the pickup truck. Upon encountering Vincent's henchman, Carrie tried to communicate with him using American Sign Language - she pretended to be lost and asked for directions. When the henchman approached the car, she stabbed him with a knife hidden in the pickup and ran for the impact site on foot.

She just about managed to warn the team of the impending danger, but the team seemed confused and hardly reacted to her. She was shot by Vincent's henchmen and the rest of the team was killed as well.

Traveler 5004

At this point, Carrie had been overwritten four consecutive times and collided with Wayne in mid-air several times as well. This caused immense strain on her body. Furthermore, since overwrites take about ten seconds, Carrie was falling closer and closer to the ground with each new arriving Traveler - giving her less time to pull her parachute and land safely. The new iteration of Carrie accomplished this nonetheless, but she was limping and bleeding from the nose and eyes. She attempted to complete the mission but was unable to even leave the landing field before collapsing.

Traveler 5005

"There's too much strain on the host... There are five people on a remote beach. It's not far. Listen. You need to help them. I can't make it. Everything is at stake. You need to do this. The coordinates. Y-you need... y-you need to..."
— Carrie (Traveler 5005)[src]

Carrie waited too long after arrival before pulling her parachute. When she landed she was severely injured, unable to even stand up. She delivered a cryptic message to Lars, hoping he would complete the mission in her stead. Lars did not understand and Carrie died in his arms.

Traveler 5006

The penultimate iteration of Carrie did not even pull her parachute. During the short frame of her mid-air, she appears to hardly be consciousness. The sixth overwrite either killed her midair or knocked her unconscious which then killed her on impact.

Traveler 5007

The Director evidently attempted to use Carrie as a host for a seventh and final time. This attempt was not shown on screen, but the mission was a failure. It's likely that it was the same as attempt 6: the strain was far to much and either killed her midair or knocked her unconscious which then killed her on impact. It may also have been a misfire as this would give the same result.

In the final attempt, with Wayne and the logger, Lars is seen crying over Carrie who lays dead in the field.


  • It's unknown why the Director tried a consciousness transfer for a seventh and last time to Carrie's body, since she wasn't strong enough on the fifth time and died on impact on the sixth attempt.
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