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Jeff Conniker: "We gotta talk about this family."
Carly Shannon: "We're not a family."
Jeff Conniker: "Mother, father, and son."
Carly Shannon: "Mother, son, abusive biological father."
— Jeff Conniker attempts to make up with Carly[src]

Carly Shannon (Traveler 3465), played by starring cast member Nesta Cooper, is a member of the show's core Traveler team and the team's Tactician. The host body is a stay at home mother in an abusive relationship with the father of her baby, Police Officer Jeff Conniker. The Traveler consciousness, Traveler 3465, was formerly in a relationship with fellow Traveler team member Grant MacLaren.

Averted Death

Carly was to have been beaten to death by Jeff Conniker, the abusive father of her baby when he came to visit after drinking. The consciousness transfer occurred as she was being beaten and she was able to fend off the attack simply by being stern with him.


3465 Future History

Traveler 3465 was in a relationship with Traveler 3468 (Grant MacLaren) before they came to the 21st and they decided to leave their relationship there, as set out in protocol 2. Presumably, she didn't have any children as in the pilot episode she was seen searching 'how to look after an infant child'.

In the episode Protocol 5, her body from the future is shown. She has short blonde hair that is slicked back, green eyes, the number 3465 tattooed on the back of her neck, and is slightly shorter than Grant MacLaren.

Carly Shannon

Carly had been in a relationship with Jeff Conniker for an unknown amount of time, though they had a child together who's just over a year old. She was abused by her alcoholic boyfriend and was destined to die at his hands after letting Jeff into her house after a night of heavy drinking, despite constant warnings that she wouldn't.

Traveler 3465

After transferring consciousness, Carly tells Jeff that he needs to leave and so he does without hesitation. However, he returns the following morning with the intention of making up with Carly, though she refuses as she knows that Jeff would've beaten her to death. She then tells him that he can only see Jeffrey for an arranged hour per day and that he needs to start providing financial support for her and their child.

Grant, the host, comes to visit her about her posts on the dark web. He questions her a little, but backs off a bit. While out, Jeff approaches her about Grant knocking at her door. He tries to beat her, but she's trained in hand-to-hand combat and so defends herself easily and then steals his car.

She later goes and meets the rest of the team for the first time in the 21st century and explains what they are to Grant in the moments before his death. She also killed Jonas Walker, with the rest of the team, to prevent his shooting rampage. (Travelers)

While returning the antimatter, Carly wanted to take Officer Gleason out, fearing that him continuing to talk would threaten their lives as well as the lives of thousands in the surrounding areas, but she was denied by Grant since Protocol 3 had not been waived. (Protocol 6)

When there's a warning of nuclear missiles about to hit them, Carly decides that she would rather be with her son than complete the mission, and leaves Trevor "not too far" from Filmore. This is the last time she's seen. (Protocol Omega)


  • Carly is one of only two Traveler characters whose future face has been shown onscreen, the other being Trevor Holden -or at least one of his bodies.