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Bloom (Traveler 0117), played by guest star Karin Konoval, is a Traveler and the engineer who designed the x-ray laser used to destroy Helios-685. She was first seen in the episode Helios-685.

Averted Death

Bloom was to have died by assisted suicide. The host body was dying from cancer and was in an assisted suicide facility. The consciousness transfer occurred just before she was to have ingested a liquid that was to have killed her.


0117 Future History

Trevor Holden (0115) and Bloom knew each other for many years in the future. She was also well aware of the core team and their exploits in the past, remarking that they "are already famous, but not in a good way" centuries from then.


Little is known about the original Bloom apart from her diagnosis and historical death.

Traveler 0117

Bloom was shot by Major Gleason as she was about to turn the key that fired the x-ray laser.