• Traveler 80085

    Recurring characters on the series without a page:

    • Patricia Holden
    • Jacqueline Peele
    • Beth
    • Derek
    • Colin
    • Dawn
    • Dr. Mori
    • Ken
    • Katrina (archivist)
    • Agent Callahan
    • Taylor Ingram
    • Gleason
    • Dr. Delaney
    • Charlotte's mother
    • Private Wilson
    • Director Stevenson
    • Thomas Higgins
    • Jessica Moore
    • [[Aleksander Andreiko]
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  • GFW72

    Heavy Burden

    January 12, 2018 by GFW72

    The quote “We all have our burdens” was a good way for all characters to have identifiable flaws. Yet why would they (the director) choose someone with a diabolical disassociating problem like what Philip has that interferes with the mission? Any thoughts?

    I’m new. Watching S1 E3.

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