Blair is a minor character in Travelers played by Sunita Prasad. She's David Mailer's girlfriend who suffers from pica.


Blair is introduced as David's girlfriend who he got back together with sometime after the rebooted version of Marcy overwrote the original Marcy. She has some severe stomach pains and so David takes her to hospital where Marcy gives her an x-ray and finds a large mass in her stomach. David explains that it's just cotton balls and when Marcy explains that it could've caused an obstruction, David states that that's what happened last time. (Jacob)

For her birthday, she goes out to a club with a friend. In the centre of the club, the Faction members hid the quantum frame in the club as part of the decor. Blair was in the bathroom the moment that it transferred consciousness into everyone in the club, missing her and her friend. She calls David as the Faction members start to attack her while she's in the bathroom. Marcy and David find her on the floor of the, now empty, club where she's overdosing. They treat her and David takes her to hospital.

David tells Marcy that Blair got to the hospital just in time and that they're keeping her there for the next few days. Blair is not seen or spoken about again on screen, but it's presumed that she and David broke up as David later starts dating Marcy. (Traveler 0027)

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