Anna: "Why do they want to hurt me?"
Carly Shannon: "Because they're afraid of you."
Anna: "Why don't we just talk to them?"
Carly Shannon: "Wow. Even now..."
— Anna and Carly before the gunfight[src]

Anna Hamilton, played by guest actress Elle McKinnon, is a young girl who will one day become the 53rd President of the United States after winning a contentious election. In an alternate timeline she loses this election to an older man of Caucasian descent, but the actions of the Travelers in the 21st century have somehow changed the outcome.



Rick Hall and his teammates Kyle and Luca were assigned to protect Anna from an assassination attempt by the Faction, which "historically" occurred at 4pm. Anna was walking home from school with some friends when suddenly, the others were frozen in place. Hall drove up beside her, claiming to be a federal agent assigned to protect her. Anna was smart enough not to voluntarily get in a car with three strange men, so Hall and his team were forced to kidnap her for her own safety.

Soon she realized the three Travelers were not really a danger to her and began to get along with them. She was taken to a diner where Hall allowed her to ask ten questions about her situation. Grant MacLaren are the rest of the core team minus Marcy arrived and Hall told him the truth about Anna's identity. Soon the diner was attacked by four Faction agents. Carly and Hall took out three of the agents and the Director killed the fourth, ensuring Anna's safety for the time being.

MacLaren took Anna and the group to a house that had been seized by the FBI in a civil asset forfeiture. MacLaren referred to her as "madam President" during the drive, suggesting that her identity was not hidden from her. The safehouse was almost immediately located by a Faction drone. When eight vehicles transporting Faction agents arrived near the residence, the Director used Anna as a messenger. It ordered the suspension of Protocol 3 and for all Travelers to "protect Anna Hamilton at all costs until reinforcements arrive." A camera at the entrance to the residence had been placed to expose the Faction to the Director, but they had protected themselves with a space-time attenuator.

Carly Shannon reassured Anna right before the gunfight began. The Faction seemed to have the upper hand - three agents even made it inside the house, whom Luca and Philip killed before Anna's eyes. The Travelers ultimately won when Trevor Holden blew up the STA with a grenade, and the Director overwrote every present Faction member. Anna's own parents were among these new Travelers, having historically died trying to protect her. The new Travelers promised MacLaren that they would protect her, having trained their entire lives to ensure she became a fair and just leader of the country.


Anna seemed to have had a tremendous impact on history, regardless of whether she won the election or not. MacLaren, who comes from the original timeline in which she loses, refers to Anna as "one of the great leaders of a generation." Every Traveler introduced to her immediately knows who she is, despite her being a historical figure who lived centuries in the past.

Anna is eight years old as of 2017. The United States Constitution sets an age requirement of 35; provided the Constitution has not been amended in the future, Anna would have been elected President no sooner than 2044. This is after many tumultuous and catastrophic events in world history: including, depending on timeline, the spread of Seed C589 (2017), the Helios impact (2018), or the gamma ray burst from the singularity engine (2038). Anna is therefore likely remembered as a visionary who helped the world in one way or another during an unprecedented crisis.

The effects of the new timeline on Anna Hamilton's election results are unknown.

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