Andrew Mathias Graham (Traveler 7189), played by guest actor Christopher Heyerdahl, was an emergency medical technician who was also a cannibalistic serial killer known as the Bellevue Butcher. He was overwritten by a specialist Traveler with an important mission who had not known about the murders.

Averted Death

Graham was fated to die after a fire started in his car, burning him to death.


7189 Future History

Graham had a very specific mission that was not predicted to have many complications. As such, he did not receive as much training as many other Travelers and seemed unfamiliar with some 21st century customs.


The host body worked as a paramedic and had a family. However, he also killed and ate at least six of his patients, including Linda MacVicar, whom he had eaten two days prior to his death. He was even suspected of killing his own mother.

Traveler 7189

Upon arriving in the past, the Traveler undid his seatbelt and escaped from the wreck. Bystanders arrived to help him, at which point Graham promptly vomited, ejecting an intact human eyeball. The bystanders noticed and called the police. Graham was arrested on suspicion of desecrating a corpse. The FBI quickly proved that the eyeball belonged to MacVicar and found additional DNA evidence tying Graham to five more murders. Graham refused legal counsel and continually maintained his innocence, expressing horror at the crimes. He was interrogated by Grant MacLaren and Joanne Yates. Midway through the interview Graham asked for a glass of water. When Yates went to get it, Graham revealed to MacLaren that he was a Traveler. He insisted that the Director did not know about the murders because originally all the DNA evidence was destroyed in the car fire.

With considerable effort, the team facilitated Graham's escape and took him to Humphries University. There Graham was able to complete his mission: informing Drs. Samantha Burns and Amanda Myers of the perils of their invention, the singularity engine. Graham was said to be one of only a few people, past and future, who truly understood the mathematics behind the 2038 disaster. Afterwards Yates returned Graham to federal custody, wherein he was presumably charged and sent to prison.

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