A young Romanian boy who was abducted and (Philip knew) soon to be murdered. Philip fabricated a Messenger and mission to save the boy and the team went along with it, none the wiser. The Director tried to stop them, using Aleksander as a messenger, but they ended up saving the boy and killing the couple, preventing them from abducting and killing a subsequent three more children. McLaren asks the boy to keep his team a secret, he says he will and does so.

Later it's revealed that his mother has died of cancer, and since, he has been bounced from care home to care home, the system failing him. He has to survive on his own, but the trauma turns out to be too much and the Director foresees him making some bad choices. Philip is then employed to 'take care' of the mess he created, but is so devastated at how he made things worse by doing what he thought was right, that he relapses, overdoses, and almost dies. Trevor finds him passed out on the floor of OPS, having to perform CPR while he waits for Marcy. Carly and Marcy look after him and keep him company, while Trevor and McLaren deal with the mission. They find the boy, the horrible conditions he's in and how he survives. They take him from the foster home and try to get him some food at a diner because he's hungry. They learn, however, that the boy has been banned from the diner because he had been caught trying to steal food before. McLaren gets angry, saying the manager doesn't know what true hunger feels like and how it affects the brain. (This is an insight into the future the Travelers came from.) They leave and Aleksander says he can show them where to get food.

McLaren tells Trevor to stay behind with the car, deciding he will take the burden of killing the boy. Aleksander says they need to check the traps and it's revealed that he sets traps to survive, like his mother had taught him. They find a coyote has been caught in a trap, and Aleksander is openly upset. McLaren puts it out of its misery. They carry on looking at the other traps, finding a rabbit. He skins and cooks the rabbit, before sitting beside McLaren on a log by the fire and eating it while McLaren talks to him. Aleksander then wants to bury the animal, wrapping it up in his coat, so they do so and hold a small funeral. Aleksander says a prayer and marks the grave. McLaren is getting ready to shoot him, when the boy becomes a Messenger and stops him. The time they spent together was enough to put him back on the right path. "He spent a few hours with a decent man; and that was enough," as Philip says. He's then placed with a foster family and Philip can rest easy again.

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