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When a traveler, who is supposed to give MacLaren and his team their next assignment, can't show up (once again communicated via a kid used as a messenger, this one riding a bike at night), Philip suggests that they still stop the bus destined to hit the host body meant for this traveler and thereby save the life of the host. Carly is the first to object as she reminds him of protocol 3 which states that the they cannot interfere under any circumstances. Philip does not like this objection. He arrived in his host's body to see his host's friend overdose and die--he had to resist in helping. That traumatic memory bubbles to the surface when he attends the funeral of his friend, whose mum is not happy to see him. Philip attempts to apologize, give his condolences and offer flowers - she chastises him for not calling 911 before her son passed.

Marcy's host's body was intellectually disabled and physically damaged; she recently had a seizure. Her social worker David wanted her to see a doctor about it, but she resisted that. She discovers that during her stay in hospital she had an MRI. If she can take a look at those results she'll be able to diagnose herself. Philip does as she asks and agrees to download the file.

Marcy and Phiip are building a mutually beneficial relationship. She brings him groceries and syringes and he hacks into systems for her. MacLaren on the other hand is not pleased with Philip's disobedient behaviour and MacLaren's wife is not pleased with her husband's change in personality. She's specifically irritated by his sudden change to be vegan and not wear ties. MacLaren’s FBI partner, Forbes is annoyed by him forgetting about their weekend squash date, forgetting his computer password - and then having perfect aim at the shooting range. Trevor's girlfriend doesn't understand why her boyfriend is sitting at a different table in the cafeteria with a girl she hates. Renee expresses this by shoving the girl to the ground and breaking her phone, which in turn frustrates Trevor. Carly's abusive ex, Jeff, is disconcerted to discover some security camera footage of a small woman (Marcy) nonchalantly beating four big guys. He recalls Carly, another small woman, beating him, another big guy in the same way.

David is shaken by a visit from Jeff who shows him the photos of Marcy beating the men in the car park. Jeff does not think David's guest should stay with him any longer. Marcy disagrees and remains where she is. Philip is equally stubborn. Despite objections from his fellow travelers, he takes it upon himself to right his wrongs and the wrongs of others. He gets his gambling addict lawyer, Ray, to make a couple of bets and then drop off a gift of thousands of dollars to his overdosed friend's mom. He also starts sending in anonymous tips to the FBI about violent crimes being committed around town which he keeps track of by writing them down on the window-door of their hideout with a sharpie. MacLaren is told about the anonymous tips by his partner but does not immediately link the information back to his colleague Philip.

He still doesn't link the information back to Philip when he lies about receiving a message from the director and claims that they've received a new assignment. MacLaren does question why Philip was contacted rather than him, but lets that slide. Completing the mission is his only priority. Carly gives each traveler a weapon from her collection that she stores under her couch and they go off to carry out the mission that Philip has fabricated - rescuing an abducted Romanian boy who is soon to be murdered and who Philip says obviously must be important to the future. The boy is being held captive by a tobacco smoking couple at a country house in the middle of nowhere. Although the couple welcomes MacLaren and Carly into their home with a friendly demeanor, as soon as the travelers enter they begin to worry when they see a pair of children’s running shoes, smell something foul in the air, and hear the husband yell at the wife in anger for no reason.

As Carly and MacLaren interrogate the couple, Marcy and Philip enter through the back and investigate the basement while Trevor keeps watch outside. They discover that the foul smell is from chickens being kept in the cellar. As Philip digs into the dirt floor of the cellar he unearths the bones and shoes of a another ten-year-old child's body.

Upstairs, MacLaren meets the owner of the other pair of child's shoes. When the wife says that those belong to their son "Patrick" the husband summons a boy to chat with the "police man". Patrick appears and MacLaren greets him in Romanian. He chats with the home-schooled boy in the foreign language so the couple can't understand and learns that Patrick is not his real name, these are not his real parents and that this isn't a traveler mission at all. The boy returns to speaking English when the director takes possession of him and sends a message to MacLaren that his team is off mission, and that they need to abort immediately.

MacLaren commands them to exit but Philip refuses to do so. As the husband pulls out a gun, Philip grabs hold of the Romanian boy with his own weapon in hand. This results in an offscreen shootout, the couple being killed by Carly and MacLaren and Philip being shot as well. Trevor carries a wounded Philip to the car while Marcy removes traces of blood from the house and MacLaren makes the boy promise to lie to the FBI. The child thanks him in Romanian which warms his heart but does not eliminate his stress. When a squad of law enforcement officials arrive on the scene, along with MacLaren's partner, he uses Philip's anonymous tips as an excuse for how he ended up at that country home in the first place. Luckily, it was an address on the list that his follower sent in. Unluckily, his partner also has the address of the traveler’s hideout. The agent informs MacLaren of this before he actually checks it out himself, allowing MacLaren to do the "checking out" instead.

When he gets to the hideout, he finds his crew using futuristic tools to do some major medical treatment on Philip who they realize has been writing the deaths of the innocent on their wall door in black marker pen. MacLaren is not pleased about this or that he wasn't aware of Philip's heroin addiction. He asks why the director would choose an addict as a host and Philip answers that the historical records said it was his first time using and Trevor summises that his parents must have been in denial about it. Marcy then admits to surreptitiously attempting to get a handle on Philip's depression, shaky hands and withdrawal. MacLaren is forgiving and understanding of the traveler's situation and he instructs Marcy to wean Philip off of the drug.

Sometime later, Philip is alone in the hideout healing up and is visited by Trevor who comes with delicious fast food and soft drinks. He's expanded beyond creamed corn and is now enjoying the intoxicating aroma of cheeseburgers. As the two eat, Trevor looks at Philip's list of upcoming deaths on the window. He points to a name and says "I know this person." It is a women by the name of Grace Day, who just so happens to be one of his teachers at school.