Aaron Donner (Traveler 4022 & Traveler 4024) is played by guest star Jason Gray-Stanford. The host body was a radical Christian terrorist who bombed the offices of a webcam sex business. After being apprehended by the FBI for the bombing, Traveler 4022 -the first Traveler to take over Donner - denied being a traveler and attempted to make a deal with the Assistant DA to provide evidence of the Travelers. The Assistant DA was also a Traveler and Traveler 4022 was tried for treason for attempting to provide information on the Travelers. He was found guilty and the punishment was death by immediate overwrite. 4022's consciousness was overwritten by Traveler 4024's consciousness.

Averted Death

Donner was to have died bombing a webcam sex office. The Director's plan was to disarm the bomb before it exploded but Traveler 4022 was unable to, though he ran from the bomb and was only injured but not killed. Soon after, Donner was apprehended by the FBI.