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Aaron Donner (Traveler 4022 & Traveler 4024) is played by guest star Jason Gray-Stanford. The host body was a radical Christian terrorist who bombed the offices of a webcam sex business.

Donner was originally meant to die in the bombing, however traveler 4022, who transferred into Donner's body, ran away and survived the bombings. He was later apprehended and tried to give away the travelers program in return for witness protection and immunity on all charges. When this failed, he was overwritten by Traveler 4024 who was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole on Donner's charges.

Averted Death

Donner was to have died bombing a webcam sex office. The Director's plan was to disarm the bomb before it exploded but Traveler 4022 was unable to, so he ran from the bomb and was only injured, but not killed. Soon after, Donner was apprehended by the FBI.


Traveler 4022 Future History

Traveler 4022 was specifically trained to be able to defuse the bomb which Aaron Donner was going to use to blow up a building which housed cam sex workers. However, this training proved to be ineffective as the bomb blew up anyway. (Donner)

Aaron Donner

Donner was a racial Christian man. He'd connected with a woman over a cam sex site which escalated to him purchasing presents for her which he sent to her address. The company the woman worked for discouraged this so she never mentioned it or returned the favour until Donner was eventually banned from doing this. Following this, Donner told the woman that what they were doing was sinful and that justice would come. He built a bomb which was set to explode outside of the building, killing all the women inside and would've killed Donner too. (Donner)

Traveler 4022

When traveler 4022 couldn't defuse the bomb, he ran away. He hid in a restaurant kitchen until Grant MacLaren found him and offered him help as he was injured. Instead, traveller 4022 knocked out MacLaren, destroyed his com, and ran away. He was eventually tracked down and brought into the FBI for questioning. MacLaren continued to offer him help, as a traveler, until he believed that Donner wasn't really a traveler.

Donner eventually got a lawyer to whom he revealed the information which he knew about the traveler's program and then requested to see the District Attorney in order to create a plea bargain. His request was granted, with the assistant District Attorney, where he revealed some of the information which MacLaren had given him. When the Assistant DA told him that these were just conspiracy theories, he revealed that he was actually 4022 and revealed more information.

The entire meeting is revealed to be a set up and traveler 4022 goes on trial for treason for which he's found guilty. His punishment is death by overwriting immediately.

Traveler 4024

Traveler 4024 says very little. He states that prison will likely be better than where he came from, saying conditions may actually be worse as a result of the traveler program. He enjoys seeing the sunlight.

He's sent to prison after being sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. His bunkmate in prison is Luca Shun.